Makelight insights for @poshyarns

A visual and thematic analysis of 12 Instagram posts up to 14 Nov

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Dominant colour palette

Looking across all of these images, which colours pop out?

  Perano,   Bon Jour,   Cararra,   Rock Blue,   Mercury, and    Outer Space .

Overall colour palette

Standing back, this is what your feed looks like

Your hashtags

The hashtags that get you the most likes

Looking at the hashtags you use across your posts, for each hashtag we calculate the average number of likes that you get for images that have that hashtag. We can't tell if people found you via any particular tag, but it could help you work out which ones work for you.

Most used hashtags

These are the hashtags you're mostly using, so spend some time every once in a while connecting with other people also using them.

itsallaboutthelight 3.16K wholeheartedliving 0 autumn_nerds 378 myhappyviews 11.4K simplicityfound 2.31K smallpauses 330 thisautumnlife 4.71K noticethelittlethings 7.14K stivescornwall 9.28K embracingtheslowerlife 287 dreamylittleplaces 0 mystoryoflight 13.4K seasonspoetry 301 slowsimpleseasonal 185 inpraiseofshadows 2.9K inpraiseofslowness 8.73K tinytinymoments 2.11K the_gentle_manifesto 21.3K allthebeautifulthings 4.82K prettyengland 0

Themes that often appear

Popular themes

When you take images of particular things, which ones are most popular with your audience? Here are your average likes per theme.

Individual images and their palettes

Most popular monthly images

A collage of the top 9 images for you to post on Instagram. Remember to tag us @makelight and use the #makelightinsights hashtag!

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