Having trouble?

We sometimes hear from people who are having trouble signing in and accessing what they're expecting to on Makelight. Here is a short guide that should help you if you're stuck. Please try these steps before contacting us for support!

I'm signed in but I'm not seeing my courses or membership

This means that the social account (Instagram or Facebook) that you've signed in with isn't connected up with your access to courses.

Have you perhaps signed in with Facebook instead of Instagram?

First, Sign out. Then sign in again using the other account. If this works, consider merging your accounts by making sure you're signed in with Facebook and then connecting your Instagram account from your profile page too (tap your avatar, top right of every page).

Have you perhaps signed in with a different Instagram account?

Right now we can only associate one Instagram account with your access to Makelight. Look at the avatar at the top right. Is it the account you'd expect to be associated with your Makelight access?

If it's not the right one, Sign out. Then go to Instagram.com and switch user in the same browser you're trying to access Makelight. Then come back to Makelight and sign in. Make sure to not follow the "it looks like you signed in with…" step because it might sign you in again with other account.

I'm signed in but I'm missing one of my courses

Did you join that course a while ago?

Try tapping the "Courses" link in the top menu. The dashboard only shows a relevant selection of your courses.

Did you confirm your access to the course?

When you sign up for any course, we send you a confirmation email. Try looking for that email and clicking the "set up your profile" link to connect your access to the course.

Have you checked if you have multiple accounts?

If you sign out and in again with a different social profile (instructions above), do you see the course via one account, but not another? Sounds like you might need us to merge them together. Any questions, email us at [email protected]

Tried all that, but it's still not working?

Okay, sounds like you're having trouble. Email us at [email protected]


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