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Emily Quinton
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Hi, I'm Emily

If we've not met, I'm Emily Quinton, founder of Makelight.

Makelight helps and inspires you to build your creative life.

You might have a creative business or idea, or be looking to build creativity into your personal life.

In Makelight you'll find the support and inspiration you need for growth, creativity and balance, and a very special international community. Read on for what's included...


Build your
creative life

As a full Makelight Member you'll get access to a whole suite of helpful, inspiring and encouraging things we'll be making for you.

Daily inspiration

Every day, Monday to Friday you'll find a brand new snackable, inspiring, helpful update on the makelight site. Books, articles, thoughts, videos – exactly like it's been throughout December! Dip in as you like – no pressure to keep up with anything.

Over £1000 of Makelight courses

When you want to dive into improving some aspect of your life or business, you've got on-demand access to our library of courses. Lead by Emily (and Stef for the tech part), you'll improve your photography, social media, branding, and lots more. All included with your membership.

Exclusive members-only content

We release special members-only videos and host a Members' podcast, as well as lots of special extras that you can only get as a Member.

An inspiring community

The main thing that people say they love about Makelight is the supportive, inspiring community. As a Member you get to join in our lovely Facebook group and we have a whole new community area of the site in the works too.

Makelight gatherings

We often get together for face-to-face meet-ups too. As a Member you'll be part of an international community and if you'd like to meet up with others, we're helping that to happen.

Tools to help you grow

We've crunched through over a million hashtags, analysed millions more Instagram posts. We can help you understand what's going on with your online world and how to grow what you're doing.

Live Q&As

We hold regular live video Q&As where we all get together to talk about something that's important to us. Look out for some of our free ones on our Facebook page to get a flavour.

Special projects

Doing things together, usually with a special hashtag, is a great way to connect with other people who are similar to you. We'll challenge and inspire you with things you can do and make.

Guest contributors

And on top of all that, you'll start seeing some exciting guest contributors and interviews appearing on the site and blog throughout the year. Exciting stuff!

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Love for the Makelight experience

“Emily's Photography Essentials course gave me the confidence to use my DSLR camera, and create my own product photography for my website. Makelight courses have been invaluable in growing my independent business.”

Heidi Lawton — Extra Special Touch

“Great teaching, supportive and always evolving. I love how new surprises are always being added. Makelight grows with you!”

Debbie Lamey MacDonald

“Makelight is the most accessible and supportive community I've ever been part of. The instruction is top notch and you are never alone. Amazing!”

Vicki Bouchard — sixtee_isthenew_fortee

“Its a great way to develop your creativity while participating with a friendly, like minded community.”

Catherine Garner

“A lovely community, Emily and Stef's support is super, and doing the courses I've seem a huge improvement in my photography”

Jude Magee — @jude_magee

“Comprehensive lessons. Great online support through FB live Q&A. Wonderful tools!! Love this community!”

Preeti Verghese
Who We Are

Emily & Stef

Makelight is hosted by wife and husband team Emily and Stef.

Emily Quinton – @emilyquinton

Photographer, teacher, author, maker and mother of four. You'll find me on Instagram and Pinterest sharing my passion for photography, creativity, self-care and personal growth.

Stef Lewandowski – @stef

Designer, technologist and Emily's partner in Makelight, as well as at home! I've been taking photographs for years too and jump in with technical problems.

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