Day 6 : Outsourcing, building a team

You might not be in a position to outsource any of your tasks at the moment, so apps might work well for you to save time and streamline the things that don't give you energy.

I use these tools to help run my business and life. Not all these help with things that zap my energy, some of these are things I love doing but they all help me at least once a week and many I use every day, so I thought it would be useful for you to see.

Buffer - to schedule my social media

Tailwind - to schedule my Pinterest

Dropbox - to store all my files

Dropbox Paper - to write all my documents. Brilliant for sharing with others

Xero - for my book keeping and accounting

Drip - to send out my newsletters and promotional emails

Audible - to listen to books on the go. I love reading books but don't have as much time to read the amount I listen to, so Audible is brilliant for me

Ocado - to do our supermarket shopping. I use the app, so that I can add things on the go. Having our food delivered is a huge time saver for me

Slack - to save useful articles and to share things with team members. There are only two of us at the moment, but I will be building the Makelight team again. Slack is like a Private Twitter for teams but you can have different channels/folders within one account

Bloglovin - to gather all the blogs I read

InBox - a new email app from Googlemail

Word Swag - to add text to my images for Instagram Stories, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and YouTune

PicTapGo - my favourite editing app

A Color Story - another of my favourite editing apps

Unfold - beautiful layouts for Instagram Stories

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