Day 4 : Work/Life Balance

Be honest with yourself when you are doing this exercise. Looking after yourself is so important, so it's not worth cheating on!

Remember that when you work for yourself, have a side-project or a dream you would like to make happen, there will be times when there is more work in your week than life but there will be other times when that balance will tip too.

I have some crazy weeks but then I can take a week off with my children or take a day off just for me during the week. That is why I like to think of blending rather than balance.

When you do work that you love sometimes it doesn't feel like work. That is wonderful! Often it will be a complete joy to be working and that is really special.

I think the important thing is to feel good. If you are not getting enough sleep, not eating well, not doing any exercise, not spending enough time with friends and family or if you are like me not having enough time to just potter about, then that is not good.

Keep these things in check and they will help you to feel your week with as much work as you need or want to.

Take care and have a beautiful weekend! xo

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