Day 3 : Your Network

Spend some time today thinking about who is in your network. You can think about your work network and your life network. Some people will cross over both sides.

Your network is critical for helping you to grow and supporting you in your work and life. You can't do this alone and you also have plenty to give to your network too. Sharing your skills, knowledge and support with others will help you realise how much you know and can do. It is also such a great feeling when you can give and not just take.

In return your network can share skills, knowledge and support with you. They can help to spread the word about what you do. They can lift you up when you're struggling to lift yourself up.

When you write down your networks you might find some gaps that could be really useful. For example, you might have a great online network but not have anyone close by that you can meet up with. Or your network might just be in the place that you live and you might want to look at widening out your network.

It's always a good idea to be continuing to build your network and making it relevant for where you are today. When I worked in the wedding industry I built up a great wedding industry network. I am still in touch with many of those people and some still help me with my work now but many more people from that time have slipped away now. If I hadn't continued to build my network over the past few years then I'd be left with a few people and not a very solid network.

The great thing with social media is that we can build our network without having to leave the house. That is brilliant, especially if it is tricky for you to get out to networking events. But please do try to attend at least one in person event before the end of the year. I know they can be hard, especially if you are shy but meeting someone in person can really help you to have a better connection with them online.

Always be open to networking. You never know who the person you are talking to knows. You never know where the connection could lead. In the past I remember thinking that there wasn't any point in networking but literally every opportunity I have had has been the result of networking.

Remember to do some networking in the Facebook Group too! xo

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