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I am really excited to share a new project with you, The Makelight Pause for Thought. Starting on Tuesday 8th May, this free two week project will help you to reflect on what you've done in the first third of 2018 and what you would like to do with the rest of the year.

Each day I will share a video, inspiration and exercises with you to help you to take time to think. It's so easy for time to pass by faster than we realise and soon all the goals and plans we set ourselves at the beginning of the year start to feel really difficult to achieve. Or we forget we even set them in the first place!

I don't want you to end this year feeling you haven't made progress, however big or small that progress may be. It's important that we are always moving forward in our lives - both in work and in life.

It's free to take part, and if you'd like to receive an email about each new episode and to appear on the "Who's Who" page, please sign in with Facebook or Instagram

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