What Are You Using Instagram For?

It is so very easy to get sidetracked by what other people are doing on Instagram. I am so guilty of this myself and I have to frequently remind myself to stay focussed on what I am doing and what I am using the platform for. I love getting inspiration from Instagram and there are so many people doing wonderful things on there. But if that ever changes into any kind of feelings of envy or confusion about what I'm doing then I make sure that I stop, take some time away, refocus and only return when I'm feeling strong and confident about what I am doing.

I often hear people wanting more and more followers. More followers don't always equal increase in traffic to a blog or online store. They can do but it isn't always the case. Engaged followers is the important thing. So before you start comparing yourself to other people, especially their stats then just take some time to look at what you've been doing on Instagram so far and what you want to be doing on there in the future.

Make it really clear for yourself now. Write it down and put it somewhere that you can regularly see it. This will help not only with your content and storytelling (more on that coming later in the course) but it will also help you to stay really focussed on what you are doing on Instagram. This could be your own Instagram rules. This is super helpful if you are working in a team too, whether that is now or in the future.

Have fun with it!

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