Understanding your insights report

Take a moment to check out your Makelight Insights report.

In it you'll find an analysis of your most recent images that you've posted on Instagram.

It works by scanning through all of your images, downloading them, analysing them for colours, themes, hashtag usage and likes. Then it packages up a series of visualisations about that information into a report.

You can use this over time to get an understanding of what's popular with your audience. Which themes do they find most engaging? If you post a lot about one topic, does that get more reaction that another topic?

If you click on any of the themes you'll get a list of people from the community and hashtags that we've all been using around that theme, ranked by frequency of usage. It's really useful for finding new people and hashtags.

Have a browse around and see what you find! Today is a snapshot of your Instagram that you can refer back to as you progress to see how you've been doing since being part of Honey.

If you like your report do share it – they won't see your private stats and they might want to get a report of their own too.

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