My Social Media Journey So Far

I am a huge fan of social media. It has quite literally changed my life on more than one occassion. It has enabled me to start businesses, change my career twice, get a book deal and a book tour in the UK and the USA, get amazing support as a mother, make friends in the different places we have lived, as well as friends all over the world.

It is simply amazing but I am also very aware that it can feel overwhelming, confusing, time zapping and all a bit too much sometimes. Over the next two weeks I will be teaching and inspiring you to get the very best from your social media. I believe the key to great social media is strong images and story telling and I can't wait to help you to transform your photography, tell your stories and grow your following.

This short video gives a little introduction to my own social media story so far. I hope it inspires you. If you are interesting in hearing more about how I have grown my Instagram audience you can also watch this video.

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