Instagram Stories

Telling A Wider Story

Instagram Stories are a great way to tell a wider story. If you have images that don't fit into your gallery you can share them here. Perhaps not in your usual colour palette or a little wider than your usual topics.

It is also a great place to share some behind the scenes images. Perhaps you are making something and you are sharing your finished piece on your gallery but you want to share some of the process in your Stories.

Stories are also great for events or adventures. Perhaps you are visiting a new place and you have lots to share. People will be happy to view this in a Story when they choose to but wouldn't be so happy to have 5 images from you appear in their main Instagram feed.

Events are great for Stories. They are not always great for lots of Instagram images, so sharing more in Instagram Stories is a great alternative. Sometimes because of lighting or the style of the event doesn't really fit with your gallery but your audience might be really interested in what you are doing.

You can experiment with things on Stories because they are only visible for 24 hours.

But...be careful about experimenting too much. Make sure you are still thinking about your Photographic Style. You still want you images to make people feel the same way and recognise that it is you. This is still possible when you share wider content. It just takes a little more thought.

Remember that this is still part of your online story and presence. Just because something disappears after 24 hours doesn't mean that it isn't important. People will respond positively or negatively in just the same way as content that is more perminent. I have unfollowed a few people on Instagram because I really haven't enjoyed their Instagram Stories, so do still be thoughful.

Using Instagram Stories

To use Instagram Stories you need to go to the home screen on your Instagram Account and press the little plus sign in a circle to the left of the Instagram logo at the top.

You can either shoot content in advance and then upload it into the Story or take it directly in the App. If you want to shoot it directly in the Story then you might want to save the content rather than lose it after 24 hours. To do this you need to go into your Options and select Story Settings. Here you can choose to "Save Shared Photos". You can also hide Stories from people in this section too if you want to, and decide whether Everyone can leave message replies to your Stories or just those people you follow.

When you have taken an image or video you can then add text if you want to. I think text is a good idea because you are telling a story here and people might need more than an image to appreciate the story. You can also swipe accross to edit your image.

Or, you can decide to upload an image or video you have taken in the past 24 hours. This means you can edit your images if you want to and also have fun with things like Slowmo Videos.

You can upload any video or image taken in the past 24 hours into your Story by pulling down from the top of your screen when you go into the Stories part of your Instagram App. They will just be cut to 10 seconds. This is handy if you're out and about without internet access! And also means you can still edit enough to make you happy while still keeping it fresh and instant in terms of that day rather than sharing content you made weeks ago.

Instagram Stories I Enjoy

Over the past couple of weeks I have been especially loving these people's Instagram Stories:

Xanthe Berkeley. I think Instagram Stories were made for Xanthe's never ending creativity and love of colour!

Emma Block has been creating some great Instagram Stories where she demonstrates a technique of her work. How clever and cool is that?

Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar has been showing some behind the scene videos of images that he then shares on his Instagram. And a little more of his life in NYC.

Jeska and Dean of The Future Kept have been sharing the most gorgeous snippets of their Sussex life, travels and their love of botanicals.

I hope that you are inspired to start sharing your own Instagram Stories.

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