Embracing Change

We hope that you are feeling more empowered to use Instagram and other social channels and that you are feeling stronger and more resilient. Or if you are not quite there yet that you know the steps you can take towards this.

There will always be changes in life, some are easier for us to manage than others. Sometimes we can spend too much time looking back to a time that was instead of thinking about what we can do now, today, in response to change. How can we turn it into a positive if it's a change that we're feeling negative about?

If you have been spending time wishing nothing had changed in Instagram and getting cross or sad about it all, then the next time you start thinking this way again, I want you to stop yourself and take the next few minutes to think about positive things you could do right here and now to reach or speak to your audience in a different way. How can you be creative in the path that follows change?

Wouldn't it be great if we started sharing posts that said, "In response to the algorithm changes on Instagram I am now going to try sharing.... and see if my audience likes it." And not "I am really worried and stressed as my like rate is dropping. Has yours?"

Keep positive, stay strong and remember how very amazing it is that we have this wonderful technology that we could only dream of just a few short years ago.

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