Developing A Style To Tell Your Visual Stories

We live in amazing times. We have cameras in our pockets and the ability to share images with people all over the world. It really is wonderful but it also means that the number of images that we see each time we open our laptops and iPads or look at our phones is huge.

There is so much content out there that in order for our images to stand a chance of being seen we need to not only make sure they are well composed and interesting but they also need to have a style that makes them stand out as ours.

Developing a visual style will really help your images to be recognised. If you have a brand then it is important that the images that you are sharing look like they are a part of your brand, that they belong.

A style is not just about how an image looks but also how it makes people feel. When people see my images I want them to feel inspired, positive, happy and calm. I hope you do!

Here are three examples of brands that tell their visual stories beautifully across their social media.

  • Toast's Instagram gallery
  • Boden's Instagram gallery
  • The Future Kept's Instagram gallery



The Future Kept

I think that these three brands have a great visual style and I hope they inspire you at the beginning of this course! I hope you're enjoying the videos so far, too. Now I have two practical exercises for you! Click through to the next lesson to get started.

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