Creating Different Images

It is very easy to find a type of image you like to create and stick with shooting just that forever more. It might be that these are the images you want to share and that work best for your business. That is great. But I strongly believe that you more you practise taking a range of images the better your photography will become. And indeed the better your favourite images will become.

Shooting portraits might be your very favourite thing but if you also take some time every so often to shoot flat lays you will probably start to pay more attention to the colours in your portraits and the backgrounds that you are using for example. You might never share your flat lay images and that's totally fine.

But you might want to create content that is varied, so pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying different things with your photography will really help you to create the very best content that you can.

In this video I provide tips for shooting flat lays and selfies.

If you don't think flat lays are for you then please read this article that I wrote about why I think they are an important foundation for your photography, even if you never share them on Instagram.

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