In this lesson I have an exercise for you. We've been talking a fair bit about the idea of resilience throughout this course, and there are activities and places where you're putting your energy, but are they the correct ones?

Please watch the video and then when you have a moment, I'd like you to try a short exercise thinking about the people who you are appealing to. Where do they spend their time? What do they do there? What methods have you seen others using to reach those people? What could you try? For each one of these ideas (make some fliers and put them in cafés that my potential customers might attend, pay for a stand at a trade show, advertise to them on Youtube) write them down, one at a time and have a think about which ones might be the most efficient for you to do.

Hand-delivering personally written letters to individuals could be horribly inefficient for one type of business, but for others this could be an amazing way to reach the right people. Conversely, bulk advertising to millions of people on YouTube when you're trying to reach people within a 5 mile radius around your place of business might not be the best plan!

What are you using and why? Is it just because other people are? Are you really getting enough from the effort you're putting in or should you be investing some time elsewhere? This is something we talk about a fair bit in our Technique course, so check that out if you're interested in delving deeper! We'll also be looking at this a fair bit in the Membership for our monthly theme The Puzzle.

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