Beyond Instagram : Different Channels For Different Things

Set aside some time for reviewing what you are doing on platforms other than Instagram.

Are you using anything else? Do you enjoy using or consuming other platforms? Do you know what your audience in each place likes and responds well to? Is it the same everywhere?

Using more than one platform will make you feel stronger when any changes happen because you are not placing all your time and value onto just one.

That may feel daunting and time consuming, so start small by first doing some research about what other people are doing on different platforms. What do you enjoy from others in this different places? What could you do there? And then choosing one to start with and creating a little plan for yourself.

Remember that building a social media following takes time. Do not give up if it takes a while to build up your follower numbers. Be patient and be as consistent as time and creative flow allows.

Finally, don't forget to tell people that they can find you in different places. Make it easy for them to find and follow you.

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