Editing on your smartphone

Editing images is part of the image making process and it's as important to practise editing your images as much as it composing them.

I edit all my images whether I take them on my iPhone or my dSLR. My editing is usually quite light and subtle but 99% of my images are edited and every single image I take that I want to share (online, with family and friends or simply on our fridge door) goes into editing software. Very occasionally the image won't need any editing. This is usually an outdoor image when the light is just absolutely perfect. But even with these images I pop them into an editing app or Photoshop on my laptop/desktop just to check if I can enhance it.

I love PicTapGo and Priime but there are many more amazing apps and you might already have one that you love to use. If you are looking for recommendations for Android phones then try VSCO or Afterlight. These are both beautiful editing apps too.

Do set aside time to practise your editing. This will help you to develop your own style and also get faster at editing your images. Have fun!

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